Suzanne Blackburn (62)—USA

Age: 62
Hometown: Portland, ME (USA)
Volunteer Date: November, 2012
Volunteer Duration: 1 month

“When I arrived in Quito I was met with such warmth and support that any fears I had about spending a month in unfamiliar surroundings were quickly allayed. My home stay was clean, safe and wonderful. My host family did everything possible to make me feel welcome and part of the family. My initial orientation and training was clear, well organized and comprehensive. Byron even offered to help me arrange weekend travel so that my stay in Ecuador would be as rich and easy as possible. In spite of significant age differences I was welcomed by the other volunteers and always had travel companions for my weekend adventures. The work UBECI is doing is really important and I felt that my time there was well used. In one month I was able to see children progress and I realized that changing the trajectory of a life, even a little, matters a lot. I had originally planned to go to another country for a new experience in 2013 but now I’m planning to return to spend another month with UBECI. My experience there was too good to not repeat! Whatever I gave to UBECI I received many time over.”

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