Eva Lowry (21) – USA

Age: 21

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM (USA)

Volunteer Date: July, 2017

Volunteer Duration: 3 weeks

“Becoming a part of UBECI allows one to truly open their heart to the world around them. Taking part of the all the interactions with children, volunteers, and staff shapes the path of kindness that we all need to see more of on this planet. Volunteering is a wonderful way to instill that kindness on a deep meaningful level not only within oneself but also with the power of kindness touching the hearts of many children who have seldom been shown educational opportunities and human compassion before. No matter the project you are working on volunteering in Quito, Ecuador will be a once in a lifetime opportunity that is beneficial to all involved. I personally worked with NGO support and Street Work Children, and found the most reward in the bright smiles of the children. They know you are there to help them so every day they are so excited to see you, just be prepared to get dirty while playing with the little ones. I got to witness the end of the dentist campaign where UBECI raised money do help get some children in need dentist work done. Although the children were not to excited about being at the dentist, their parents were thankful about UBECI being able to assist those truly in need. I found the experience to be difficult at first not knowing much Spanish but if you try your best to speak Spanish to locals and never give up in a couple weeks you will be able to see a vast improvement. Volunteering is one of the kindest things that one can do for another, what you will get out of it is indescribable, so just do it and go with an open mind and heart.”