About Us

UBECI aims to reduce the hours of children who work in the streets and markets of Quito by engaging them in educational and recreational activities. Providing these children with educational, social, and emotional support allows them to feel respected by their community while experiencing personal growth. As a social and educational foundation, UBECI fights every day for the rights of children so that they can receive love, attention, and education. UBECI works with children and adolescents ages one to seventeen years in order to develop strategies through which we can offer more learning opportunities involving self-reliance, self-worth, and dedication. UBECI operates based on a differentiated instruction teaching method, in which the children are encouraged to use their discoveries in order to gain new knowledge. UBECI’s teaching methods facilitate healthy development of:

  • fine and gross motor skills
  • healthy habits
  • fellowship and tolerance
  • fluency in vocabulary that is age appropriate
  • auditory and visual memory
  • logical thinking
  • literacy
  • body expression


Currently our main project is called “Play, Do, and Learn,” which focuses on developing the children’s self-esteem. UBECI educators utilize educational and recreational activities to instill confidence within the children so that they can grow to realize their own potential and achieve a future of happiness and success.