Our Children’s Stories

rsz_11st_storySUSANNA NAVARRO* is the oldest daughter of four siblings.  Her family is dysfunctional; and her mother works in different markets each day and is married for the second time.

Susanna has many responsibilities in the house, one being to care for her siblings and another to help work in the market during her free time.

UBECI works with Susanna and her family to ensure proper mental and corporal development.  She attends school but a few months ago, faced bullying at her educational institution.

UBECI tended to this situation, maintaining communication with the responsible educational institution as well as her parents and Susanna with the objective of protecting her life.  UBECI also wanted to prevent psychological problems that may affect her personality and lead her to act in ways that may be counterproductive to her wellbeing.

Recently she returned to school with new parameters of control that serve to offer adequate education oppurtunities.


rsz_2nd_storyEMILIO CAESAR*, 6 year old son of an indigenous family, joined UBECI four years ago because his parents did not have the opportunity to educate him.

In order to support the household, his father works in construction and his mother works in various markets earning 3 to 4 dollars a day.  Their economic income is very low and they must subsist on the little money they can make.

Emilio had the opportunity to participate in different activities with UBECI that help develop various abilities and aid him to integrate into society.

Our help has decreased his working hours and enrolled Emilio in an educational institution with the hope that he will have the opportunity to obtain knowledge that will lead to a better future.

At the moment, Emilio is studying and his grades are very good. He is a very intelligent boy that desires to continue advancing educationally.


rsz_4th_storyJULIO JARAMILLO* is four years old and comes from a very dysfunctional family that sell shoes for a living.  His father suffers from alcoholism and physically abuses his wife.

Due to his fathers problems with alcoholism, his mother is the main supporter of the household.

Julio is very intelligent and realizes the daily difficulties that he faces with his parents.




*Children’s names have been changed to protect their identity.