Who We Are

UBECI is a non-governmental non-profit organization in Ecuador with ministerial number # 0335, working daily to ensure a better future for Ecuadorian youth. UBECI programs serve low income children and their families in Quito, Ecuador and surrounding rural areas. We have staff with experience in social work and education. We offer educational services, recreational activities and social support to Ecuadorian children and adolescents at risk.

Our mission is to implement programs that benefit children who work on the streets, markets, and rural areas of Quito. These programs promote healthy development of skills and ideals regarding education, social interaction, gender equality, hygiene, health, self-esteem, affection, and family involvement. Long-term, we hope to create a community center at which the children can interact and learn in a safe, nurturing environment.


UBECI was founded in 1999 as a way to unite the then unknown aid organizations within the markets of Southern Quito. Originally consisting solely of 3 full time staff members, UBECI has grown to include 5 full time employees and nearly 250 current or past volunteers, with an office situated in the heart of Southern Quito itself. The current director of the program, Enrique Salvatierra, was once a volunteer himself and understands the need for continued growth, in staffing, fundraising, and permanent locations outside of the markets to assist the children.