Become a Volunteer

Volunteer with UBECI

Volunteer with UBECI

Step 1: Research UBECI’s project offerings in order to determine which project is the best fit for you.

What professional skills and experiences do you bring to the table? Are you traveling alone or as a member of a group? How long will you be volunteering for? What do you hope to take away from your experience volunteering with UBECI? 

There are three options to volunteer with UBECI: Administration Support, Street Children and Summer Program.

Administration Support

  • Help manage UBECI’s social media, website and online crowdfunding
  • Research and apply for grants to help us reach our fundraising goals
  • Reach out to schools, organizations and individuals for donations

Street Children

  • Help run games and activities for kids at the market
  • Help kids with homework after school
  • Be a positive, energetic rolemodel

Summer Program (July to August)

Note: It is not ideal for short-term volunteers (1-2 weeks) to work as members of the Administration Support Team, as these projects generally unfold over the course of weeks or months. 


Step 2: Contact our Program Director Enrique at ubecidirector@gmail.com.

Please indicate your project(s) of interest, date of arrival, and length of stay. Our director will provide you with detailed information regarding how to sign up through one of our partner volunteer placement programs.

We have been partnered with Volunteer Connection Ecuador (VCE) for over 10 years, and they ensure that volunteers have access to resources such as safe and affordable housing, Spanish lessons, airport pickup, and around-the-clock support. Volunteers at UBECI are required to apply with VCE; we do not accept independent volunteers.


Step 3: Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime! 

Complete all required pre-departure tasks as outlined by your volunteer placement program, and share your plans with family and friends. While it is not required, UBECI encourages volunteers to fundraise and/or collect much-needed supplies prior to their trip. UBECI is always in need of:

‌‌• Monetary Donations

‌• Vitamins

‌• First Aid Kids

‌• Party Supplies (e.g., balloons, face paint, bubbles, stickers)

‌• Books (preferably in Spanish)

‌• Craft supplies, writing utensils and notebooks


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with UBECI!