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UBECI Volunteers

Although nothing can express the UBECI experience like being there, hearing it from our volunteers themselves comes in as a close second.

This is about more than volunteering. It is about opening your eyes to a part of the world you may have never seen before. It is about becoming an important part of a child’s life. It is about being embraced, taught, and moved deeply every day. Most importantly, it’s about realizing hope.

We welcome you to join us in this experience, to see what volunteers do and to be touched as they have by the wonderful children they work with. Come and volunteer with us!

Welcome to UBECI

Welcome to the UBECI family! If you are simply passing through and are interested in learning more about UBECI, this video provides important information on who we are, what we do, and what volunteers can expect when working with us.

This video is also part one of our volunteer orientation training video, and we recommend all incoming volunteers to watch this before traveling to Quito. Here, we will help familiarize you with our project and personnel, as well as with Quito, the city you will be living in. You will arrive knowing what to expect, and what the role of a volunteer will expect from you. We wish you a wonderful trip and a memorable experience.

A big “Thank You!” to everyone who’ve contributed their time, effort and photos in making this video possible.