School Supplies: In October of each year, every child who participates in the Play, Do and Learn Program will receive a kit of student supplies, which include notebooks, pencils, pens, colored pencils, crayons, erasers and glue. The value of each kit is approximately $12.00. The kits are distributed to the child and parent.    Christmas Campaign: Each December students in the Play, Do, Learn Program receive a gift from UBECI consisting of food (such as candy, juice, cakes, sandwiches, etc.) and clothing, during a Christmas party in the market for children and parents. Children participating in the program often are unable to celebrate Christmas as many children around the world, due to lack of resources to even provide for the basic day-to-day living necessities. The total value of the food and clothing given to each child is approximately $15.00.   Dental Program: Each year UBECI provides dental services to as many children as possible. Ubeci works with local dentists who provide dental services, which are already cost much less than dental services in the USA, at even more reduced rates, so as many children as possible receive dental care based on the individual dental needs of the children. Having adequate dental care is essential for a child’s overall health, which enables a child to benefit more from the education services and helps greatly with self-concept and an ability to be successful in life.