Volunteer Testimonials

  Nick Gaines (21)—USA  Hometown: Chicago, IL  Volunteer Date: January 2018  Volunteer Duration: 4 weeks
  • "Volunteering at UBECI exceeded all my expectations. In four short weeks, Enrique and the rest of the staff made me feel welcomed, and an important member of the team. While volunteering at UBECI, you get the best of both worlds. You get to have fun working with an organization that changes the lives of so many kids, while acquiring a countless number of practical skills that you can take with you into the workplace after your time in Quito is up. If you have time to give, I highly recommend giving it to UBECI. Truly a great organization with a great cause. An organization that I will hopefully have the privilege of working with again in the future."

Eva Lowry (21)—USA  Hometown: Albuquerque, NM  Volunteer Date: July 2017  Volunteer Duration: 3 weeks
  • “Becoming a part of UBECI allows one to truly open their heart to the world around them. Volunteering is a wonderful way to instill that kindness on a deep meaningful level, touching the hearts of many children. No matter the project you are working on, volunteering in Quito, Ecuador will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I worked with NGO support and Street Work Children, and found so much reward in the bright smiles of the children. They know you are there to help them so every day they are so excited to see you; just be prepared to get dirty while playing! I found the experience to be difficult at first, not knowing much Spanish, but if you try your best to speak to locals and never give up, in a couple weeks you will be able to see a vast improvement.Volunteering with UBECI was an amazing experience, so just do it and go with an open mind and heart.”

Olivia Anger (20)—USA  Hometown: Fairbanks, AK  Volunteer Date: September 2012  Volunteer Duration: 6 months  
  • "After 6 months with UBECI, Quito became my home. I absolutely recommend working with UBECI, especially in the market program. However, you will get so much more out of the experience if you stay for at least a month, preferably longer. You get to bond with the kids, staff, and your host family more and really be able to contribute to UBECI's mission. If you can, stay with a host family. You'll learn so much more Spanish and really be able to experience life in Ecuador. I loved Ecuador so much, that I'm trying to come back and visit this summer. Don't pass up this chance if you can help it."