On behalf of the staff, children, and families at UBECI, we would like to thank you for your kindness and generosity.  It is with your support and the support of the UBECI global family that we are able to continue providing educational and health services that are so integral to the growth of our organization’s children. 

Methods of Donation

1. Monetary donation:

Here at UBECI we accept two major methods of monetary donation: Paypal and check. We appreciate every donation; no amount is too small and every bit helps to change the lives of Ecuadorian street children, one child at a time.

Paypal donations can be made through “Donate Now” buttons located throughout the site.  Checks can be written to the UBECI Foundation, and sent to:

UBECI Foundation
P.O. Box 119
Maynard, MA 01754

To ensure that your donation is received, please email us before making any donations so we can help you throughout the process. Once the transaction is completed, we will provide you with a receipt should you want to seek tax exemption.

2. Supply donation:

Donations of supply items that would be useful in our programming are greatly appreciated. These include but are not limited to games, toys, school/art supplies, clothing, toiletries, medications, and medical supplies.

Should you have any questions regarding supply donation, please contact us at ubecidirector@gmail.com. 

Where does you donation go?

Your donation makes a difference! Eighty percent of your donation goes to program expenditures that directly support the children. This includes expenses for teaching materials and supplies for educational and health related activities for UBECI children. It also includes funding for special events, educators’ salaries, scholarships, awards, and incentives to encourage children to stay and work hard in school.  The remaining twenty percent of your donation funds administrative expenditures including office rent and utilities, legal fees, and general overhead expenditures.

For additional questions please contact ubecidirector@gmail.com.

Crowd Funding

In order to sustain our 4 yearly campaigns and any gaps in operating costs, UBECI turns to crowdfunding sources. The success and outreach of these programs directly correlate with the funds raised each year, the greater the funds the greater the success and number of children helped.


UBECI is proud to announce its membership in Global Giving, an organization that dedicates itself to giving non-profit organizations the resources and platforms necessary to engage in the most efficient and effective fundraising techniques. Global Giving is an excellent resource through which UBECI is able to reach more people who wish to support our cause.

In 2016, UBECI will be participating in two separate Bonus Days through Global Giving. One will take place in June, the other will take place in December. Bonus Days are days on which Global Giving will match a percentage of all donations made through the Global Giving website. Bonus Days are great opportunities for UBECI to raise the extra funds that it needs to provide educational, recreational, and campaign resources in order to provide the children in the markets with the best activities and attention. Keep an eye out on our website, or Global Giving page, or our Facebook page to learn more about when and how you can participate in Bonus days.

For other inquiries about our Global Giving membership and involvement please contact ubecidirector@gmail.com.





All funds raised on GoFundMe are directly used to sustain the current yearly campaign. In total there are 4 annual campaigns that UBECI undertakes, Dental Assistance, General Health, School Kit, and Christmas Gifts. The greater the funds raised, the more children that are assisted/reached.

Every Campaign receives it’s own unique page on the GoFundMe site and lists in detail the plan for executing the campaign, what it will accomplish, and how the money will be spent. To donate to the current campaign page, click here.