Are you a former volunteer who just returned home after experiencing the impact that UBECI has on the working children of Quito every day?  Or are you a supporter of UBECI’s work and mission who is not able to travel to Quito?  We greatly appreciate your support!  There are multiple different ways that you could get involved with UBECI in your home country!

Keep in touch!

Email us (!  Subscribe to our mailing list! Join our Facebook (UBECI Volunteer Organization)!  Follow us on Twitter (UBECI Org)!  Stay interactive to receive updates on our projects and information on ways to help.

Spread the word

Do you believe in UBECI’s work? Spread the word! Talk about UBECI to potential volunteers, donors and supporters! Direct people to to help them understand the full impact of our work here. Invite your friends or colleagues to connect with us and other volunteers through our Facebook group. Write about your experience on your blog. Have a welcome home party and share your experience with your family and friends. Speak about your experience at public gatherings and functions, such as relevant conferences, church groups, university/college gatherings, and club meetings.  Get your experience published on your local, school, or an online newspaper—and then share it with us! Represent us in your community and among your colleagues and peers.

Contact your university

We welcome groups of university students to come and spend time with us during their school breaks. Contact your study abroad office, office of community service, student activity center, or any other clubs and departments that may be interested in UBECI’s work and organize a trip here with your friends.  Email us at for documents you can hand out at events or place in offices, and information for the LISTSERVs on your campus.


Do you like our projects?  Would you like to play a constant role in the lives of these children?  You can help by adopting a project with your company, friends, family, or church. Donations are yearly or monthly depending on the project, and are tax deductible.  You will also receive progress reports, pictures, and thank you cards from the children.  This program is coming soon.  Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.


Want to organize a fundraiser for UBECI? Raise funds through events, parties, kickstarter campaigns, or personal tasks. UBECI needs financial donations in order to continue to meet our goals and objectives. All money raised and donated to UBECI is tax deductible. We will be happy to supply you with the necessary resources and materials to help fundraise for UBECI at work, on campus, in your community, or among your family and friends.

Solicit in-kinds donations

“In-kind” refers to tangible items that would be useful in our programming including, but not limited to, games, toys, school/art supplies, clothing, toiletries, medications, and medical supplies.  Unfortunately, UBECI is not in a position to pay shipping costs, but we will actively try to connect you with other volunteers coming from your area so they can bring the items you were able to gather.  If you are able to approach larger companies for these donations, they may be able to pay the shipping costs.  UBECI will be pleased to provide you with letters and materials explaining our organization to facilitate these tasks.  For more information on donations, please click the following link Donate.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for being part of the UBECI Family! It is because of volunteers and supporters like you that we are able to continue to provide much-needed support and programming for the street children of Quito.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to staying connected with you!