Welcome to our international community! Because of its partners and supporters, UBECI has managed to positively impact the lives of many children in need. UBECI is supported by organizations around the world as well as groups of alumni volunteers who choose to continue raising funds and awareness after returning to their respective countries. If you are interested in joining advocacy efforts in your area, please consider contacting one of our following supporting organizations.

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UBECI Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization registered in the USA in 2008, which directly funds UBECI Volunteer Projects. The Foundation is operated by UBECI North America (UNA), a team of alumni volunteers from North America who have continued to contribute their time to UBECI after returning home. Drawing upon our own resources and expertise, we are dedicated to helping UBECI develop and grow.

UBECI Foundation is staffed to serve as the North American non-profit administrative branch of UBECI Volunteer Projects. The Foundation’s work includes but is not limited to the following: proposal administration, marketing, social networking, and managing this website. Additionally, we serve as contact for donors, volunteers, and potential affiliates predominantly in the North American region.

If you would like to join our team, please contact us.

Pro Educatio-UBECI e.V. ( GERMANY)

Pro Educatio – UBECI e.V. is an association that was founded in 2008 by German alumni volunteers who wanted to continue to contribute their time to UBECI after returning home. Currently the board consists of 3 alumni volunteers who live in different parts of Germany. Pro Educatio is supported by numerous members, including both former volunteers and other members of civil society willing to support the association’s commitment to the work of UBECI Ecuador.

With their financial support and through various fundraisers the association continues to support UBECI from Germany.

Habt ihr Lust euch in unserem Verein zu engagieren und/oder habt ihr Fragen zur Freiwilligenarbeit vor Ort, dann kontaktiert uns. Wir freuen uns auf euch!

To view our brochure, click here.

If you would like to join our team, please contact us at UBECI.Deutschland@gmail.com

ViaNiños is a non-profit organization working to support vulnerable children, young people, and their families in Ecuador. Our aim is to enable Ecuadorian street children to create a better future for themselves and their families. We work in partnership with grassroots Ecuadorian NGOs, that offer support and education programs for working children (see Partner Organisations).


The Global Fund for Children transforms the lives of children on the edges of society including trafficked children, refugees, and child laborers. We help them regain their rights and pursue their dreams. In other words, we do all we can to let kids be kids, no matter what their circumstances are. Since 1997, we’ve reached 9 million children worldwide.

See more at: http://www.globalfundforchildren.org/what-we-do/#sthash.tozbdLkI.dpuf


After Pastor Ernesto Mossl and his wife Theresa Mossl volunteered with UBECI in November 2016, they were moved by the plight of the market children and the work UBECI was doing to try to alleviate the problems. Upon returning to the United States they and their congregation at the Christ Lutheran Church of Newburgh worked to partner with UBECI. They have provided invaluable donations to our yearly campaigns and our main project of “Play, Do, Learn.”


The Dollar Academy of Scotland is a private preparatory school located in the town of Dollar. The school is committed to not only improving their own community, but the global at large as well. In doing so, Dollar Academy hosts a walk benefiting a number of aid organizations around the world, including UBECI. This walk is biennial, with the next event being held in 2017.


UBECI is proud to announce its membership in Global Giving, an organization that dedicates itself to giving non-profit organizations the resources and platforms necessary to engage in the most efficient and effective fundraising techniques. Global Giving is an excellent resource through which UBECI is able to increase awareness  and reach people who wish to support our cause.

In 2016, UBECI will be participating in two separate Bonus Days through Global Giving. One will take place in June and the other will take place in December. Bonus Days are days on which Global Giving will match a percentage of all donations made through the Global Giving website. Bonus Days are great opportunities for UBECI to raise the extra funds it needs to provide educational, recreational, and campaign support in order to provide the children in the markets with the best activities and attention. Keep an eye out on our website, Global Giving page, or our Facebook page to learn more about how and when you can participate in Bonus Days.

For other inquiries about our Global Giving membership and involvement, please contact ubecidirector@gmail.com.




GoFundMe is an international crowdfunding platform that allows organizations and individuals to host their projects and collect donations to accomplish set goals. Recently, UBECI has partnered with GoFundMe to host our own volunteer projects.

All funds raised on GoFundMe are directly used to sustain the current yearly campaign. In total, there are 4 annual campaigns that UBECI undertake: Dental Assistance, General Health, School Kit, and Christmas Gifts. The greater the funds raised, the more children that are assisted/reached.

Every campaign receives it’s own unique page on the GoFundMe site and lists in detail the plan for executing the campaign, what it will accomplish, and how the money will be spent. To donate to the current campaign page, click here.