Sponsors and Alliances

Sponsors and Alliances


UBECI is supported by organizations around the world as well as groups of alumni volunteers who choose to continue raising funds and awareness after returning to their respective countries. If you are interested in joining advocacy efforts in your area, please consider contacting one of our following supporting organizations:



ViaNiƱos is an Ecuadorian Non-Profit Organization that works to support vulnerable children, young people, and their families in Ecuador. They also offer support and education programs for working children, so they have partnered with UBECI to help support our causes.

UBECI (North America)

UBECI Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization registered in the USA in 2008, which directly funds UBECI Volunteer Projects. The Foundation is operated by UBECI North America (UNA), a team of alumni volunteers from North America who have continued to contribute their time to UBECI after returning home.

Pro Education-UBECI e.V. (Germany)

Pro Educatio - UBECI e.V. is an association that was founded in 2008 by German alumni volunteers who wanted to continue to contribute their time to UBECI after returning home. Currently the board consists of 3 alumni volunteers who live in different parts of Germany. With their financial support and through various fundraisers the association continues to support UBECI from Germany.

Crowd Funding

Global Giving

Global Giving is an organization that dedicates itself to giving non-profit organizations the resources and platforms necessary to engage in the most efficient and effective fundraising techniques. Global Giving is an excellent resource through which UBECI is able to increase awareness and reach people who wish to support our cause.

Go Fund Me

GoFundMe is an international crowdfunding platform that allows organizations and individuals to host their projects and collect donations to accomplish set goals. Recently, UBECI has partnered with GoFundMe to host our own volunteer projects. All funds raised on GoFundMe are directly used to sustain the current yearly campaign. Dental Assistance, General Health, School Kit, and Christmas Gifts.