The year 2016 in numbers

In 2016, UBECI served children and families working in six markets throughout Quito, Ecuador. Throughout the year we set weekly development and education goals.

In 2016, UBECI served:

  • 647 working street children ages 0 – 17
  • 42% male                          58% female
  • 76% attend school           24% do not attend school

School Kit Campaign: Last year, UBECI delivered kits with the materials and supplies necessary for successful school involvement to 300 children, in order to encourage families to either begin or maintains their child´s attendance in school.

Dental Assistance Campaign: UBECI provided dental treatment and assistance to 50 children (17 boys and 33 girls) through our Dental Campaign. These children were all taught proper techniques for brushing and flossing. They were given a toothbrush and toothpaste, and each child was taken to the dentist for a check-up and oral exam.

Summer Program: The UBECI Summer program is designed to engage children in the arts, such as dance, theater, and crafts. In 2016 we had 529 girls, and 415 boys participate in the summer program for a total of 944 children.

Prevention Campaign: UBECI implements campaigns in order to prevent unhealthy habits and encourage healthy habits. In 2016 UBECI ran two different prevention campaigns. Our Cavity prevention campaign reached 194 children. Our Nutrition, Weight, and Size campaign was able to reach 357 children.

Christmas Campaign: UBECI celebrated Christmas by delivering Christmas presents to 445 children, 176 boys and 269 girls.

Clothing Campaign: In 2016 UBECI gave 445 children clothes with our clothing campaign. 269 of those children were girls, and 176 of those children were boys.

In 2016, UBECI served 3382 Ecuadorian children and their families through its projects and campaigns.

 Thank you very much for your help.