All of our campaigns are not financed by our annual budget; every year UBECI creates strategies to seek funding or grants. Lately, we have turned to crowdfunding, to learn more click here.

Christmas Campaign

Every December, UBECI celebrates the holiday season with our market children who would otherwise have to go without gifts. The average family we serve has three children and runs on a household income of $5 per week.  With the help of community donors as well as our volunteers and supporters, we are able to give Christmas gifts to these children. Often, our gifts are the only gifts the children receive during the holiday season.

In 2016, a total of 445 children were able to benefit from our Christmas Campaign.

Clothing Campaign

The objective of this campaign is to provide items of clothing for the children and their families, thereby improving their social health as well as self-esteem. We pass out clothing on June 1, El Dia del Niño (the Day of the Child), every year.

In 2016, a total of 445 children were able to benefit from our Clothing Campaign.

Prevention Talk Campaign

The focus of our Prevention Talk Campaign is to provide introductory workshops on the topics of body care, physical health, social health, and emotional health. Topics include the heart, germs, emotions, muscles and bones, and eating habits.

In 2016, a total of 194 children were able to benefit from our Prevention Talk Campaign.

School Kit Campaign

This campaign aims to provide a boost to our children returning to school by providing them with school supplies and a few toys to aid in their future study and learning. This campaign takes palce in September, every year.

In 2016, a total of 300 children were able to benefit from our School Kit Campaign.

Dental Campaign

The dental campaign addresses dental health, which is one of the largest health problems that the UBECI children experience. Sugary drinks and candy are readily available in the market and often provide a quick and filling substitute to proper lunches. Bad teeth and dental hygiene is a far-reaching problem for our children, therfore the dental campaign was set up to address these problems. After evaluating the children’s dental health, they receive on-going treatment based on their evaluation.

In 2016, a total of 50 children were able to benefit from our Dental Campaign.

Medical, Weight and Size Campaign

This campaign was run in conjunction with International Medical Aid (IMA), an NGO that holds clinics in at-risk areas throughout the world. Our campaign aims to provide medical checkups for all the children we work with at the markets and provide the necessary medication to the children. Furthermore, we aim to increase awareness amongst children and their families of the importance of healthy habits and hygiene.

In 2016, a total of 357 children were able to benefit from our Medical, Weight and Size campaign.

Note on Dental and Medical campaigns:


Are you a doctor, dentist, healthcare professional, or medical/dental student who is willing to provide pro bono medical checkups, dental evaluations and treatments and/or hold workshops about personal hygiene and healthcare?  Look no further!

Every August, UBECI along with our partners, donors, and volunteers, holds a dental assistance campaign and a health campaign to provide general healthcare and dental assistance to our at-risk children in the markets whose families are not able to afford those services for them.  Through these campaigns, we also educate the children about the importance of daily personal hygiene practices such as washing hands and faces, brushing teeth, etc. as well as give them some healthcare prevention tips and necessary medications.

Should you be interested in participating in and helping out with these campaigns, feel free to contact us!  Please note that due to the nature of our work, we are unfortunately not in a position to provide any medical devices, tools, or supplies that you may need; thus, please plan accordingly.