School Support


Location: Quito

Schedule: September to June, 8:30 AM-12:00 PM and 1:30 PM-5:00 PM

We work with underprivileged children who are in school.  Most of the children have limited time to commit to school work and learning because they must contribute to their families’ livelihood.  As a result, many of the children are slow learners and have low self-esteem.  Some may suffer from malnutrition.  We work to help these children stay and excel in school.


We work to encourage academic achievement and attendance in school. Given little opportunity and assistance, many street children struggle with their work in school and many drop out.  UBECI targets these children and sends dedicated staff and volunteers to the markets several hours a day in order to provide the children with a structured play and learning environment.



In many ways, this is an after school program much like many typical after school programs.  However, what is taken for granted in more developed regions is a luxury for these children.  Each day students receive tutoring and homework help.  This is especially important as many of these children come from families that are unable to assist these children in their schooling because the families are illiterate.


In addition to providing academic instruction, UBECI finds it important to carry out its program by reinforcing important values and building their personal pride.  UBECI believes that by focusing both on the child as an individual as well as the child as a part of his or her community, we can help the children grow up with confidence and a greater likelihood of success.


Educators and volunteers lead the activities for this program.  Our program ensures that children have sufficient academic support to complete their homework and reinforce what they learned in schools. They reach out to the children’s families and schools to make sure that the children are growing up in safe and positive environments, and to ensure that the program is helping the children excel in school.