Summer Program


Population: 120+ children, variety of ages
Location: Quito and rural community outside of Quito
Schedule: July-August

This project works with children in Quito and rural regions of Ecuador to enrich their summers after the end of their school year. Due to lack of funding in the region and to family needs, children do not receive education pivotal to healthy childhood development that can help them break out of the cycle of poverty. This program brings them just that, and provides opportunities for recreational and educational activities during their vacation.


By participating in these summer activities, these children experience encouragement and a positive learning and social atmosphere. UBECI Summer Program aims to help them boost their self esteem, expose them to new knowledge, and help them develop a strong, positive identity that will contribute to greater success in their futures.


This program supplements the education during the children’s school year by engaging them in activities that open their minds. Children reinforce the knowledge they have received during the school year by practicing reading, writing, and arithmetic. They also have the opportunity to learn and improve English and take part in music, art, and dance. Additionally, the Summer Program exposes children to international culture while reinforcing indigenous traditions through a range of lessons aimed to help them build their cultural, national, global, and personal identity.


Our educators lead the activities for this program. The staff ensures children have sufficient academic support to complete their homework and enforce what they learned in schools. They reach out to the children’s families and schools to make sure the children are growing up in safe and positive environments.

Volunteers play an important interactive role in this program. Their support and presence not only bring positive, encouraging influence to the lives of these children, but also bring with them a part of the world to share that these children otherwise would not be introduced to.