NGO Support



Available: January to December
Minimum Time Commitment: 1 week
Location: UBECI Office

NGO Support is the behind-the-scenes volunteer program within UBECI.  It aims to strengthen UBECI by enabling growth in key focus areas: volunteer coordination, finance and budget work, networking, and organization of materials.  This involves spreading awareness about UBECI´s mission, gaining funds, partners and supplies and making contacts through universities and volunteer websites.


As a member of the admin team, you will become involved in activities that will allow you to apply your own unique skillset while gaining a better understanding of our work as an non-governmental organization.


Tasks are assigned to a volunteer based on the organization’s priority at the time of his/her program along with his/her experience, skills, and interests.


  • You must be motivated to work independently with minimal guidance. Be a self-starter!
  • Ability to identify areas that could use improvement and initiative to communicate with the staff efficiently
  • Bring a unique skill-set as well as a willingness to learn on the job.  A background in non-profit management, fundraising, education, marketing, photography, or social media with proficiency with Microsoft Office applications is preferred but not required.
  • A willingness to supplement your office work with at least one day a week in the markets working on the Street Children Program in order to gain more perspective about what you’re working for in the office.